download (6)Skip bins are large containers that are supposed to provide a way of disposing waste to the dump site. These are very efficient in this because of their increased capacity as well as ease of handling. They do not require much to transport the waste to the landfills or when necessary to the recycle plants. Before a skip bin can be offered to the clients for use, there has to be some terms agreed upon that will regulate how the bin will be used. This is because of the presence of many types of skip bins. Each type is meant to hold certain types of waste. The clients should therefore enquire for the best bin that will handle his/her waste without attracting extra charges and full list of prices.

What is right to place in a skip bin?

This is not a constant to all the skip bin hire companies. It varies from company to company according to the rules they have set. There are however some items that are commonly legal to place on the bins. These include the green waste, furniture, steel, bricks, plastics, sand, paper, rubble etc. these can easily be sorted out and those to be recycled put aside.

What should be avoided?

There are some other materials that are deemed to be dangerous to be placed on skip bins. These will not be allowed into the bins unless at an extra charge. Since no one wants to pay more to the skip bin hire companies, items like batteries, paints, tires, foods, asbestos and the like should be avoided.

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